Grow your business and career with Jaburatta is a blueprint business media platform that provides broad-based visibility for every business, trade and professional activities on the internet landscape, we create simplified interconnectivity and interoperability platform for manufacturers, marketers, vendors and individuals to connect, interact and present their products and services via Jaburatta business media solution.

New Paradigm of Business Media Innovation

The platform represents an innovative scope of paradigm shift from social media to business media for individuals, entrepreneurs, artisans, organizations to broadcast their persona and imaging from business and professional standpoint.

Optmize your Visibility

As the pioneer of ‘business media’ model, our goal is to allow you leverage on the use of our media framework to create enhanced visibility, coverage, reach and a wide range networking for your
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Safe and Secure

Our novelty ‘Self Imaging’ solution allows individuals and organizations to broadcast their identity in the initiation, adaptation, optimization visibility and mainntaning an excellent reputation in the virtual space. User can leverage on our broad bandwidth user experience solutions to showcase multiple scales of products, service deliverables and secured payments threshold for all users.