Jaburatta FAQs

A marketplace is where people of diverse backgrounds come to offer, search, sell, purchase and exchange goods and services. In a marketplace people can negotiate, deal,  bargain and creates balanced settlements in terms of trade, transactions and business conversions. Jaburatta is a digital marketplace where customers buy from sellers, it is a marketplace that is open to all forms of transactions, it enables B2B business to business, B2C business to customers, customers to business C2B and customers to customers C2C. It’s like a virtual market where you can buy and sell without even leaving your physical space. The platform gives a wide range of opportunities for individuals, start-ups, SMEs, large businesses and every brand benefits from our novelty “Self Imaging”  model to create continuous round-the-clock visibility to your products and services. Professionals, Students, Artisans and job seekers can also take advantage of the model.

Jaburatta currently offers the following channels to contact support:
  1. Chat
  2. Email
Chat The fastest and the efficient way to contact us is through Chat and we can resolve most questions with a quick conversation. To start a chat with one of our support agents from jaburatta  app or website:
  1. Click the Support Team icon
  2. Click Send a message
  3. Type a text of your request/question
Note: To better assist you with any troubleshooting, it’s important for us to know as many details of the issue as possible. Email For questions that are not urgent, we recommend submitting an email via support@jaburatta.com Take a screenshot of your issue Attaching relevant screenshots to any support requests allows the Jaburatta support team to solve your reported issue promptly. Always be prepared to include or have screenshots ready that show your issue clearly.
To keep adequate support records and logs of reported issue, Jaburatta team are able to assist customers in a more efficient manner through chat and email. Note: If you need phone support for Premium Service enquiry, you can always request a call back with Business Process Manager ‘call button in the message box on your Profile Dashboard.
Posting ads on jaburatta is easy and fast, just take the following steps to proceed:
  1. Click on Post Your Ad
  2. Once you click on your preferred Pricing Plan, you will be immediately redirected to our registration page (if you are not a registered user). You will have to fill out all the required fields and click on ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Complete all the information about your item such as titlecategory, country, city, locationdescriptionprice, payment options and add photos.
  4. After filling out the required fields and “Accept Terms of Services“, click on “Submit new listing” button.
  5. Your advert will be published shortly once moderation process is completed.
  6. Once your advert is live, you will receive a notification email.
  7. Be ready to receive numerous incoming calls from your potential buyers. Good luck with your Self Imaging.

Pricing Plan are specifically designed tools for the sellers to post their products and services.

These tools help to promote the items more, to sell all the goods and services much faster and get even more clients.

Jaburatta has Four Pricing Plan

  1. The Free Package for 15 Days Listing.
  2. The Ultra Package for 45 Days Listing.
  3. The Quantum Package for 2 Months Listing.
  4. The Premium Package for 1-Year Listing
No, as we are not a shop. Jaburatta is the marketplace and Self Imaging space, here you can sell your products, services or persona such that your listing creates worldwide visibility from real people, business or brands to find their needs. We serve as  your bridge to ride on to the other point, your link, the connecting point and the enabler of your connectivity.
Our model does not support delivery currently. However, you always can discuss with the seller about a comfortable way of delivering, you can also check-out our Logistics Listings for a suitable delivery option.
If you want to leave feedback concerning your buying experience on Jaburatta, click on Contact Us button on our website. Provide detailed feedback about a listing, Self-Imaging or buying experience or Post New Review on the listing, your Review will be enabled to be visible to all Jaburatta users. You can also Report on illegal / fraudulent activity if you find something suspicious about a listing. Your feedback will be immediately cascaded to Jaburatta support Backoffice and the necessary measure will be taken in compliance with our community standards.
Yes, It helps a lot to find more clients. If you want to share an ad on social media, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to your Jaburatta account;
  2. Go to My Dashboard;
  3. Click on the advert you want to share;
  4. Scroll down to see theFacebook / Twitter  / Instagram / LinkedIn / YouTube fields; then insert your chosen social media links.
  5. Click on a particular icon to be able to share the link.
With these steps completed, all your friends on social networks will be aware about the item you’ve listed!
Yes, you can buy or sell your items in any part of the world. Make the payment to Jaburatta, we confirm your payment and shipping notification. The seller will send item, when buyer confirm that item is received. Jaburatta will reimburse the seller. Same goes for service, client make payment to Jaburatta, seller completes the service, then client confirms job satisfaction, Jaburatta will reimburse the seller. With Jaburatta in the middle of your transactions, both parties are safe and assured.

Buyers pays directly to the sellers, if a buyer is not convinced, then payment can be made to Jaburatta account as an escrow. When goods or service is delivered or completed, Jaburatta will reimbursed the seller.