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November 19, 2021
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Practice Sensual Healing

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Are you interested in body, love, sensuality, interpersonal relationships, intimacy, sexuality and spirituality?
These are basic areas in our life that are associated with a lot of joy and ecstasy, but unfortunately often also with uncertainty, ignorance, shame, lack and suffering.

I have been passionately dealing with these topics for 23 years, as well as the awareness, development and healing of being a woman, man or human being.

Studies in psychology and pedagogy, countless training and further education, a wealth of life experience and many thousands of encounters with people in one-to-one bodywork, massage, counselling and seminars have taught me and my body and my passion with heart fire are to share this rich treasure with you to share with you.

I am natural, open-hearted, human, profound, joyful, intelligent, spiritual, powerful, sensitive, authentic, lively, creative, fiery, sensual, full, compassionate, gentle, hearty, adventurous, safe, humorous, wise, clear, holistic thinking, playful, complex, flexible and curious.

My offer
sensual healing is an opportunity to consciously and openly deal with body, sensuality and sexuality on different levels. It is about an essential understanding and new experience of the interaction and thereby the deep reconciliation between man and woman and the male and female polarities in ourselves.

In addition to our basic need for closeness, security, respect and intimacy, there is a deep secret in our sexual physicality that only unfolds when we are ready to let go of our "normal" ideas about sexuality.

sensual healing helps you to feel your body more consciously and to indulge yourself for precious moments. It opens the horizon for a diverse sensual experience and a multi-layered understanding that closeness and intimacy touches you deeply and healing in a very natural and simple way.

sensual healing accompanies women and men of all ages who have been sexually traumatized, individually on their way to regain their own dignity, vitality, security and joy in their bodies.

sensual healing helps to transform insecurities in love affairs into competence. It promotes your sensitivity and charisma as a relationship and love partner.

With the & # 6900; sensual healing massage you will discover new facets of emotional, energetic and physical experience. The intensity of the erotic feelings probably exceeds what you have experienced up to now. The massage supports your devotion, promotes your sensitivity, strengthens the body through letting go and relaxation.

In the & # 6900; sensual healing relationship and love counselling, you have the opportunity to communicate in a trusting, protected environment about everything and to exchange what interests you in order to find new impulses for changes in your life and in your partnership. The Heart IQ Relationship method according to Christian Pankhurst supports us very much.

In the & # 6900; sensual healing encounter and touch room you will experience and learn the art of real connection and mindful touch. You discover your potential as a feeling person and a touched-touching lover.

Contact info@jaburatta.com to connect.

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Address: Port Harcourt, Nigeria, , ,

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